Thursday, June 23, 2005

Its an eventless day today... ANd I am pretty bored here. Went for cashier training yesterday at church. Was quite interesting, but ended abit too late. =\ Nevermind, used to it. Sigh, the video I am gonna do is way behind schedule. May God help me. =)

A little bit to add to what I typed in the previous post. Fellowship is important, but i should never take precedence over God. God should be the first in your life, followed by family THEN church. If God is not your first in your life, you will gradually drift away from God, and in the end, all you come to chuch/cell for is for the friendship. Meaning, spiritual growth has stopped. Not healthy. =
We should have the fear of God in us. Its not literally fearing God or being scared of God. Having the fear of GOd means to put God first in evrything you do. For example, when you decide to do something, you will thing whether whatever you do will upset God etc. That will more or less explain what I mean.

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Sunday, June 19, 2005

Been quite some time since I updated. Been busy. =) Ah well, I have been thinking about certain issues in my life, and I couldn't help but think back about the old me. The Wei Lun 4 years ago was a 2 faced man. Seemingly cheery on the outside, but grim and bitter on the inside. I didn't like to talk to people much, content to minding my own business. I had the tendency to lapse into a "grim" mode, whereby I'll just camo myself into the suroundings, put on a grim face and just either stone or do my own stuff. Super Anti-Social person I was? Hehe...

But along came a few people who invited me to Cell Grp.. And the rest is history. It wasn't an overnight change, but a gradual one. I was still quite closed up, like a shell... But along in my journey came people who slowly opened me up, talked to me, got me to share etc.. It was during this time that I gradually opened myself up... I started talking more, smiling a bit more... Hahaz.. One of these people is Jaslin.. Because of her, I am what I am now. Thanks Jaslin!

I hope that anyone who reads this will be encouraged by the little story I have. Everyone, be it a new friend or a mature member, requires constant fellowship and concern. It would be sad if they were left out in conversations and activities. Be a friend to everyone. Don't think that because he or she is older or is a new friend means you don't go and talk to them! Step out of your comfort zone! Don't stick to the normal people you usually talk to. Talk to the rest! Everyone deserves equal amount of friendship. And please, don't give short replies or answers la. I find it irritating myself! Its hard to keep conversations going if you just give a simple answer or two. Its as if you are not interested at all! Keep the conversation flowing, get them to share! And older members, don't talk as if you are some kind of older person with an air of authority! Humble yourself, bring yourself down to the level of the person you are talking to! PS: This was taught by Jaslin! Thanks once again!

Wah, long post. But I feel satisfied. Perhaps I was led to type this, but nevertheless, whoever really bothers to read this, hope u find this useful. Comments are welcome =)

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Friday, June 10, 2005

Wow. Thats all I have to say. Seriously. After 3 days of Youth Conference, I am still wanting for more. Ps Kong said to never let the hunger and thirst for God die away.. And indeed I will do that.. I am currently experiencing POST - Emerge symptoms.. lol.

All 3 days were so powerful.. Every session with PS Kong was spent worshipping... Just lingering in the tangible presence of God.. I wept like mad, yes, they say men do not cry but I beg to differ! The presence of God was so strong, I just couldn't help myself. =)

The past 3 days were indeed a fruitful. I absorbed so much, and many a Word impacted me. Then, there is the presence of God. Oh man, the next conference is next year! But, good thing is, its at EXPO. NO more queuing 4+ hours before the session starts!! ^^

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Sunday, June 05, 2005

Since WOW is lagging, I shall take the opportunity to do some light blogging.

The past week has been quite rugged for me, cause of the number of attacks I got from the devil. The attacks came from many directions, from friends, work, even church.. Its really been draining me out, so if you see me with a gloomy brooding face, I seek your forgiveness. =) I would appreciate it better if u have any good advice for me.

To all my friends out there, please pray for me. Your prayers would help me alot in resisting the temptations and attacks that are being thrown against me. I got quite a fighting spirit, but wouldn't it be better if I had auxillary support? =)

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Friday, June 03, 2005







This song one of my favourite worship songs. Always listen to it whenever I am doing my QT.

Lemme take this change to thank a few people.

God - For loving me and giving me a purpose and destiny.

Family - Without them, I would not have made it through alot of things.

Past CGLs beeleng and Jaslin - Thank you for the discipleship and advice. Without you two, I wouldn;t be where I am today.

Buddies Weiwen, Gab and Tim - 20 years of friendship and going on! God Bless you guys! All of us are in th army, except for one bugger.. ^^ Its been one heck of a ride growing up with you guys!

CGL Lynnette - Thank you for the discipleship and advice. Onward to an exciting adventure with God!

Cell Grp Ex & Current - You people are a bunch of wacky people. Have fun always!

Brethren - More fun filled TGOTB la! Maybe we should avoid eating too much! XD

Bkstore Sun Team B - More fellowship guys! Missed those wacky times. LOL

Jerie - Hoi! Be around more often la! Go Malaysia so much.. Can being PR liao la! XD

To others whom I have failed to mention, whatever amount you have contributed to my life, I thank you! =)

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Thursday, June 02, 2005

Today in my frank opinion, is a very unproductive day. I felt as if I was totally wasting my time, doing things that I shouldn't be doing when there were more important things to be done. I feel abit irritated, but nevertheless, what has been done is already done. I am not one to complain and whine around, but I CANNOT stand the fact that I wasted my time.

Anyways, I think the upcoming weeks are gonna be quite busy for me.. MSG Yong is taking weeks of leave, and he being the pillar of IT support in the office, I predict there is gonna be alot of work that would be thrown to us. But hey, not that I am not used to it. Even CPT Teo has to come down to help out. Wah. Better prepare myself.

I have been thinking about certain relationships recently, and frankly, I feel that it would be better ending them. I seriously do not know.. Confused I am. All the irritance and anger, I think I would be better off without. Not to mention sometimes for no reason people get cold on you for no particular reason. Gimme a break. I am not here to please you. I am here as a friend and nothing else. If you have a problem or something, kindly speak out to me. That should be the way. And not keeping it inside you and then giving people an attitude that isn't very nice. Hey, come on, people take off time to hang out with you all, and yet you treat them as if they are your source of problems. You have something you find that is not right, just say it out. I am not gonna destroy you or something. ^^ I must commend Jourdan my colleague today. He did the right thing by sitting us down and ironing things up. Ladies and gents, that should be the way in friendship. =) (I am a blunt person~ But I am learning to be more sensitive to others.. SO give me some time ya?)

Today, Jerie called me today with interesting news. A secondary school friend, thought to have already lost contact, suddenly contacted her regarding financial issues. This got me worried abit and frankly I would seriously like to find out what is going on. I am unsure of the situation, but should there be anything I can help with, I am ready to do so. But first, lemme get to the bottom of the situation, then I'll decide the next course of actions. Oh Jerie, have a safe trip ya? I'll try to catch you in the near future for a cup of coffee or something. ^^

Ok. I am exhausted. Got my quiet time to do, and an offering message to prepare. Busy Busy. Good night all!

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Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Youth Conference is next week~~ WWOOT! Man, it never fails to get me perked up and excited. Hey, even though I am an NSF, I can go! Muahahah! Took 3 days leave, thank God for favor, cause sometimes it is quite hard to get 3 days of leave to be approved. Anyways, it seems that this year's theme is extraordinary. Maybe it will come in line with the "Extraordinary" song taht is in the new album. ^^

Went for a prayer meeting yesterday, and frankly, it seemed to be like a preview of the youth conference. Praise and worship was powerful, with everyone jumping and dancing. The presence of God was so strong too.. Whoo.. That should be the way for every service man!

Anyways this week would be quite packed. Waiting for Gloria to revert back to be whether we are still going to Billy Bombers tomorrow. Wah, my wallet starting to ignite...But hey, its for the fellowship. The reason for the gathering is because its been 1 YEAR TGOTB started! HAA~ Amazing is't it. 4 people from different backgrounds, whom met each other in the perth mission trip, turned out to be good friends. Simply amazing.

Ah well, cannot wait for the weekends to come. Lots of things to keep me occupied. Friday! Quickly come!

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