Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Insulted, felt taken for granted, wrongly accused, misunderstood... Many people experience this, and I would be lying if I said I have yet to encounter this kind of feelings. In fact, these appear quite a number of time in my life. Angry? Of course! Sometimes I wonder if I could even drop to bitterness. I meet many people around me, and definitely this kind of thoughts will surface once in a while.

Frankly I am quite a closed up person. Confiding isn't a common practice to me. I only do so to the people that I really trust.. I used to have these people around me but now... frankly.. I don't see anyone I can do so. So I bottleup my feelings? Can myself in? Yeah I would, if I was that cold, brooding Lun. Putting on a black face and just staring into space alone.. However, now I have this very special someone that I can release all that stored up frustrations. He is non other than my Father above. In times when I feel no one really bothers.. I can take comfort that there is always one person that I can go to. JESUS. Lord without you, I'll probably became a bitter angry guy or stupidly killed myself. Thank you Lord for the peace, for the comfort. Forever I will praise your name, even when I am in the daekest time of my life. =)

PS: To those ppl who assume I am cranky or whatever crap when I DO NOT SMILE... Gimme a break OK? Don't judge people by the cover! I could be tired and I am not a lunatic that goes around putting a happy face. Its tiring smiling 24/7 ya know. I need to rest my facial muscles. And please, when you talk to me, don't make me feel as if I am talking to an automatic answering machine. Its seriously sucks. Please, I like a good conversation! My dear brethren said before that I am quite intimidating.. well ya... but please..I am not a grim unhappy dude ok? =)

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name; Wei Lun

age; 22

location; Singapore

loves; God, Books, Games, Anime, Music

hates; Nothing to do


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