Monday, March 27, 2006

On a faithful afternoon on a normal day in May, four individuals stepped into Changi Airport withe excitement in their hearts. These 4 where going to a mission trip in Perth, but they did not know each other with the exception of 2. 2 were cell group members, and the other 2 from other cell groups.

Off to Perth they went, and somehow, the 4 of them became a group of friends through some mysterious work of God. From that day onward, the Brethrens was born...

These four individuals, Gloria, Wei Lun, Alex and Jeremy, formed the core of this fellowship. Late night chats over MSN ensued, with frequent "table-banging" by Gloria, sitting under a sakura tree and sipping sake by Wei Lun, whining and dunno what by Alex, and the constant AFK(Away from Keyboard) by Jeremy. This progressed on to frequent eat-outs with one and other, and soon it became to what it is known today as "The Gathering of the Brethrens (TGotB) (TM)"...

This continued for a few months before 2 of the Brethrens were enlisted in the army. Efforts were made to meet up, but due to commitments, Jeremy could not join as often and decided to become an Honorary Member of the Brethens. At that point of time, a fresh new face appeared in the Brethenhood fellowship. His name is Wei Jin, and after a series of interviews and TGotBs, he was inducted into the fellowship.

Close to 2 years have passed since the fateful day the Brethrens were formed. I as one of the Brethrens, can say that I am honored to have such wonderful people in my life. Many things have come and go, and I can say this fellowship was not formed not from mere coincidence, but rather from a divine appointment from God Himself. This fellowship does not exist just to hang out and wat, but rather it is a gathering where each member is able to build each other's spiritual life up. This is a place where we are accountable to one another, a place to share our problems. In fact, I can say that we are so close, we are a..."Family that loves loves loves.. loves one another~~~". Here is my tribute to each of the following memebers of the BrethrenHood.

Gloria aka Tai Tai/Events Manager & Lady Boss of the Brethens \(^^)/ = Thank you for being the core of this fellowship, always the one organising TGotBs. You are one of the reasons I am not the TRUE Tall and Intimidating person anymore. It is a joy to know you, and even though you are going overseas soon, we know that you will flourish and live over there. Bless you sister brethren, may God pour his wisdom upon you when you study and may He protect you in your everyday life. The Brethrens will once again gather online in the World of Internet.

Wei Lun aka Sensei the Tall and Intimidating one/Bouncer & Security personnel of the Brethrens = This is myself, so it would be lame talking to myself right? =p

Alex aka the Musician the slight short and noisy one/Chief Entertainer & Fashion Guru of the Brethrens = Brother, even though I called you a Pai Kia last time, you have really come along way and it is an honor to see God's power transforming your life. Thank you for the laughter and joy you have brought with you. May God anoint you and your music, become a MUSICIAN that will IMPACT the WORLD!

Wei Jin aka Ah Boy/Chief Lamer and Recipient of the Brethrens jokes = You got a wonderful journey that God has placed before you. Rise UP! Its time to cross the threshold and take up some responsibilities in the cell. HEHEH. I thank God for such a brother like you, putting in effort to fellowship with us and being able to stand our Brethren's Collection of super lame jokes. It is really really fun to have you around with us. Now go study hard and shine for God!

Wah long post, but its worth it! Haha. I shall now leave with our slogan....................


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Friday, March 03, 2006

I've been having alot of dry conversations lately, and I am quite tired about it. I dunno, its just me. Makes me feel like rolling my eyes up, give a loud sigh and say thank you for your time and just hang up/close the MSN window. Might as well stop wasting time if it ain't going anywhere. -_-

Ok, that was a rant. Now on to proper things. God has been speaking to me regarding some things lately, and it has been very encouraging. Count on God to perk you up when you are feeling down eh? =D I got alot of areas in my life to work on, but I know it will be better as time passes. Plenty of sacrifices are gonna be made, and some I know its gonna be a pain doing so, but hey, just obey LAH.

I do look forward to the journey set ahead of me, even though I am not so sure what it would really be. Its gonna be with alot of UP & DOWNS, but its natural to have it. I ain't gonna be some sheltered pampered Christian that has no problems in life (That shows how much of a threat you are to Satan). I rather be one that has gone through many a problem, but always emerging victorious through God's strength and grace.Amen.

PS: The above rant should be nailed to the cross. Diam la my earthly body of flesh!

Bleached out 8:07 AM


name; Wei Lun

age; 22

location; Singapore

loves; God, Books, Games, Anime, Music

hates; Nothing to do


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